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Here you will find writing by some very talented writers all around the world! I left my site for the summer, but now it is September and I am back into this ezine! I know you are all so excited, yeah uh huh. Anyway, during the summer I got some of the nicest guestbook entries, you can read some of them in the editors section.

So what have I changed about this site? Well, the biggest of which is that I got a web address so that if I ever change servers, you can still find me. I changed this from the free editor that was on tripod to a free form editor, meaning I had to write up a layout with HTML and stuff that I was just too lazy too do before, but then someone said this to me and now I really want to make this work. They said "if you are going to do something, do it well"

So what else is new? Writings of course! I made new pages for all the writings and added new ones! I hope to add a songs section next, but I just have not gotten enough songs to do it! I am not talking about songs you hear on the radio, but songs written by you of course! So please send me some soon!

Please submit writing! I want everything and if you wish to find out my guidelines or what I am looking for, make sure to check out the guidelines page! Email Me because I would love to add more beautiful writing to my web page and share all of your talent with the world.

So read the writing, email me yours, and write!