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Twenty Point Buck

The hunter slowly trudged through at thick heavy blanket of snow. The gun
he carried appeared covered in light powdery patches that would break and
quickly fall to his half engulfed legs. He felt exhausted, and almost ready
to turn back, but then he saw it, their eyes met. There stood the grandest,
most beautiful creature that ever crossed his path.
It stood tall, and strong with a set of 20 point antlers! When the buck
turned his head, the large antlers looked like out stretched hands, seeming
to almost grab at the lower branches surrounding his head. Ice flung frost
over his back immediately after the chilled branches retracted and broke.
The bucks fluffed white tail stuck up, and was all that the hunter sees
as it ran further into the dim forest. The tail soon shrinks until it is
invisible, and the soft crunch of snow fades, then it is quiet once again. No
noise, just the deafening silence of peaceful snow, softly filtering its way
through the trees. All becomes normal again, even the glistening icicles that
once dangled from the ghostly trees grow over the empty places of disturbed
twigs and leaves.
Now that hunter hangs his head heavy in disbelief, but then shrugs and
shakes his head, then slowly pushes his way back home. His footsteps are
quickly hidden as he, too, disappears into the snowy dark forest.
The man finally reaches his small, cozy little cabin. He yanks off his
frozen boots, and settles by the fire in an old fleece blanket. The hunter
realized what his prize was, but though, could he ever win it?
And if you just happened to look out his frosty window at that moment
just beyond his chair, there by the wood pile, a 20 points would be peeking
out from behind a thick redwood trunk. Connected to those 20 points would be
a very handsome, wise... and grinning buck.

by: Anysia Mahoney