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Life as an Imprisoned Warrior: the BJ story

Here I lay on the last remaining days of my life. I can only see white before
me and it is painless, and yet so, so cold. I can hardly believe that only
days before this I was relatively fine. Well, if you consider being an
unlawful convict a fine life. My captors treated me fair enough, but still in
my search for freedom, I end up nearer to death then ever before. I suppose
captivity doesn't look so bad anymore. These are the words of my life. My
mind is blurred and I remember little of my life, but I shall express my
remorse for the many injustices I have witnessed, in the telling of what I do
remember. Here goesâ¦

When I was but a mere child I had always lived in confinement of some sort or
the other. My parents deserted all my siblings and I, and so we were all
taken away from each other eventually. I ended up alone in a small-pent room,
with strangers gawking at me in every glance. Then, one day two of the three
captors I know today walked in and they didn't gawk, but felt for me. I ended
up with them. I liked it at first; there was only one other prisoner with me.
We enjoyed each other's company and grew close for the days we were alone.
She and I established rules, territories you may say. We never broke each
other's rules and so there was an erie order to life at the Bastille. Then it
happened, in the following few years we gained two other refugees and they
were intolerable. They wouldn't listen to reason or rules so chaos broke out.
My fellow inmate, Jaguar, and I had to fight for our subtle order back, to
show them who's boss. In those days, I went up to the reckless beasts and
flung them around. She chose a more direct approach; she would slap them
silly and scratch at them with her shiv-like nails. They learned to leave her
alone quickly, but I was still harassed. As we all grew older together, the
tone of our captivity became more like a friendship, that friendship helped
me through a lot of hard times (like the rats that infested the delve that we

Then our predicament worsened, we had to exchange living quarters for smaller
ones in a colder condition. The upside to this fact is that we no longer had
any rats, they could not tolerate the cold as we could. The menagerie of
prisoners all adapted fairly well, and we soon gained another more
mischievous inmate. The jailers called him by Apache, which was rather
intimidating for the rest of us. He, I would say was the last straw for me. I
had to be rid of this! I watched as Jaguar made it out time and again, but
she always seemed to get caught rather quickly. I learned from her mistakes
and made a few of my own, but soon I felt that I was ready. I waited for the
right moment when the attention would be more on the others. I chose an
opportune time, the bathroom break. It was a flawless plan. I still have not
a clue what went wrong. I made a mad dash out and over the fence I leapt, but
there is where I stopped dead in my tracks.

Here is where I lay at this moment. All I could hear were screams coming from
the youngest of my captors; I hear screams no longer. I am begging to think
that I shall not be recaptured, as was Jaguar. All I want now is captivity
once more. I was a fool to long for this. Oh how foolish I have been. Bide!
Bide! I hear footsteps; it is surely the grim reaper who I shall promptly
"BJ, you silly cat! What are you doing in that snow?! You had me worried
sick, come on back inside where it's warm."



~Story by The Senary Muse~

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