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Please read this story, it is really great, in the next issue we will have part three if people like this one, so email me (the editor) or the author with your comments after reading this please!

Realm of the Dragons
Cavron, Dragon of evil
By Mandy Boudreaux

Sure, I was sad when Sabrena died. But I had made so many new friends. Darius
is like Sabrena. Alban is always serious. Tomas is picky about everything
being done right. Nils is the most interesting dragon in the land. Devlin and
Delbin are twins. There is also Alvor, Titan, Gavin, Gildas, Lindar, Argus,
Conan, Boris, Maximos, Spyro, Ivor, Magnus, Halvor, Enzo, Marco, Gunnar,
Ulire, Nestor, Teaamont, Fingle, Astor, Marvis, Safron, Ruby, Artamous, Kao,
and Cale. They all seemed to favor me.

Finding Oswins Egg
Kate had to duck quickly to avoid Spyro. He was a "baby" dragon. He was about
as big as Sabrena, and he talked like her too. "Hello. Glad to see you
again." Spyro said. "Wish I could say the same. I also wish you wouldn't dive
at me like that." Kate said. He flew off. Kate thought that he was gone. He
wasn't. Before she could react, Spyro dove down and Kate bit the dust. "Hey!
Spyro, your such a pest!" She shouted angrily. "You need to pay a visit to
Teaamont. Or that's what she said." he replied. And then flew off. She was
often called to Teamont for special assignments. Cale came to take her to
Teamont, but of coarse he couldn't be easy about it. He did flips, turns,
narrowly missing stone walls and other terrified dragons. Like Spryo, Cale
liked to scare and play with Kate. In fact all the dragons seemed to take
that as their hobby. But she laughed and always seemed to have a good time.
"I have a very dangerous mission for you, Kate." Teaamont said. "I accept."
Kate replied without hesitating. She had many adventures with Teaamonts
missions, and had never failed. "All right," she began. "I need you to
retrieve a dragons egg for me. Its hidden deep in Skull Valley. I would have
done many of the missions I have asked of you, but I can't because any dragon
would be vulnerable. Here is a map. First, get the dragon egg. Then, bring it
back here. Dragons are very different when it comes to offspring. They lay
their eggs and leave. They may take 1,000 years to hatch. Long ago there was
a dragon named Oswin, and he was a powerful dragon. He always fought the evil
that would threaten to destroy our realm. He died in battle 10,000 years ago,
but before he did, he laid his egg."
"He?" asked Kate curiously. "Yes," Teaamont replied "unlike humans, any
dragon can lay eggs, but many eggs don't survive. They are eaten, or they
freeze when they role into underground ice caves. Oswins egg is in an
underground ice cave, but it is alive. Because Oswin was so powerful, he gave
his power to the unhatched dragon before he died. Its magic keeps it warm,
but you must find it before Cavron does. Cavron is one of Norcks servants. If
they get there hands on it, they will use the magic. Here is a jewel that
keeps you warm in the ice caves." Kate didn't need to be told anymore, but
she, as always, was surprised at how fast she had given her the information.
Taking the map and the jewel, she called Fingle to fly her. "Be careful,
Kate." said Fingle flying off. She was now alone.

The Devils Rock and the Ice Caves

Consulting the map, Kate followed the many marks and signs. "WHO GOES
THERE?!" a huge voice demanded. Before she could answer it said "YOU SEEK THE
and Kate was left to wonder where it had come from.
She walked for about an hour before she found the Devils rock. It was twisted
and black. Bones, and even whole skeletons, clung lifelessly to the rock, as
if begging for mercy. Kate winced to see that the bones had deep burn marks
in them. "Why do you wish to pass the Devils Stone?" asked a slimy voice. It
was dripping with hate and evil, and she didn't much want to see the mouth it
went with. "I- I'm here t- to search for the egg of O- Oswin." Kate answered.
For a moment the rock, again fell silent. Kate wondered if she should
continue, for she was shaking with fear. But she remembered the first voice
told her that she was to get further directions from this demon. She put on a
stern face and stopped shaking. I bet he can see right through my fear if he
can see if my heart is pure, she thought to herself. "Are you going to kill
me?" Kate blurted out. "Do you have bitterness?" the voice asked. "I might,
when Norck killed my sister." she replied stiffly. "There is a difference,"
it replied "between anger and bitterness. Anger towards someone who does you
a misdeed of his own free will. Bitterness is towards one who has no control
over circumstances. You bear anger. You may pass, though if you can find the
ice caves, none have survived its freezing temputures. Remember, never turn
anger into bitterness." She ran to get away from the voice. It didn't take
long to find the caves, considering she fell right through the roof. A sudden
cold swept over her. She felt as if she was going to freeze on the spot
until, remembering what Teaamont had given her, pulled out the jewel. She
felt warm suddenly. After hitting the bottom, Kate began to look for the egg.
All around where frozen bodies of other dragons that had, no dought, tried to
look for it without any kind of protection against the cold. She wound her
way through the tunnels. Following the trail of freeze dried dragons, that
made excellent markers while each dragon had made it farther then the other.
After hours and hours of walking she reached the end of the tunnels. There in
the center was a huge egg.

Someone's Waiting
It was about 2 feet in diameter, and it was swirling with colors that were
acutely moving. Several eggs around it where as big, but the only color was
brown and they weren't moving, indicating they were frozen. She picked it up
and began the long journey back. As she neared the end Kate thought, This was
to easy. Norck must know I have the egg, but I haven't seen Cavron. He can't
stand the cold so he must be at the entrance waiting for me. She pressed up
against the wall of the cave near the entrance. And sure enough came the
feeling another dragon was near. Ever since she came to this realm, Kate had
been able to sense the presence of other dragons. Teaamont had given her a
defense, though. She could turn into a dragon. Thinking herself into a dragon
was easy. Kate flew out of the cave as a dragon. Cavron, a burly, strong
looking dragon, attacked her without hesitation. Lunging to the right, Kate
found herself turning into a baby dragon. She was being zapped by Cavrons
power. Now that she was a baby dragon, Kate could no longer hold on to the
huge dragon egg. It slipped from her grasp and went hurtling towards the
rocks below. Cavron caught the egg, but wasn't going to stop there. He caught
a hold of her easily with his foot. "Master Norck will be pleased to see that
I have retrieved The Great Oswin's egg. What great power you must have, to be
able to transform into a dragon." He taunted, and hung the dragons egg just
out of her reach. "What makes you think I transformed into a dragon?" Kate
insisted. "A born dragon would of fallen from flight, not turn into a baby
dragon. You surprised me Kate. I wouldn't of guessed it was you. It is a
great power. My master will be happy to know that he will be able to control

Cavron, Norcks Servant
"No!" Kate cried trying to transform into a bigger dragon, but it was no use.
Cavron flew into Norck's cave. He set her down on the lighted platform in the
center, still keeping one scaly foot on her. "Master, I have retrieved the
dragon egg. I have also discovered that our friend Kate has some powers that
you will soon control. She can turn into a Dragon." "Oh? Well, of all people,
Kate has these abilities. I am pleasantly surprised." Norck said lightly,
stepping out of the shadows. "Oh? And why is that!" Kate shouted without
realizing how angry she was. "Because," he replied "You aren't as strong as
Teaamont, which means it will be easy to keep you with me. When I take
control of you, I will make you powerful, and you will betray your friends."
Struggling as hard as she could to free herself, Cavron took her farther into
the cave. He seemed to be too occupied with uncovering another platform to
notice that Kate was biting his foot in an attempt to get free. "You
miserable filthy little human! How dare you burn me!" Kate had managed to
Breath enough flames to burn Cavron slightly, just enough to make him loosen
his grip. Taking advantage of the momentary distraction, Kate managed to
escape. Cavron raced towards her. A black light shot out of a black ruby that
suddenly appeared on his head. Kate felt herself go limp and fall. Out of
nowhere, Fingle came and easily caught her. Other dragons came behind him,
seeing that Kate could no longer fight. Kate, however was determined not to
fail. She pulled together every last ounce of strength, to recover the egg.

The Egg of Oswin
She flew in quick circles to confuse Cavron. She grabbed the egg easily and
began falling again. The world around her began to blur. The last thing she
saw were about 13 dragons attacking Cavron, who was shouting angrily at Kate.
Suddenly, Teaamont swooped down to catch Kate, who was a human again. "Good
work, Kate. We'll take it from here. Teaamont, take Kate back to the Caves."
Fingle said and they took off. Kate was now unconscious and getting pale.
The egg was now clutched in Teaamonts claws.

At the cave, Kate was laying down, covered by Teaamonts strong wings. The 20
some dragons flew in chattering about Cavrons defeat. "All of you quiet!" she
hissed at the noisy dragons "Kate has a fever because of Cavron. I think his
claws are poisoned. She's sleeping now, she needs rest." There was a groan
and all eyes turned to Kate as she opened her eyes weakly. Weeks went on as
Kate became healthy again. Teaamont had told her that when she went home, it
would seem she had only been gone for a few hours because time was much
slower. You could be gone for 10 years in here and only be gone a few days in
the human world. This made Kate relax, now that she didn't have to worry
about how to explain this to her parents. Luckily she didn't go on any wild
rides with any of the other dragons. "Hi!" Spyro said coming for a landing in
front of her. "Teaamont wants to see you. Isn't this where it all started?"
"I think so. I hope this next assignment doesn't include getting past a
twisted black rock with skeletons around." she replied. "What?" he asked. As
Fingle took Kate to Teaamont, she told him and Spyro about her adventure to
get the magical egg. "No I don't have an assignment." said Teaamont "I want
you to hatch this egg." she said handing her Oswins egg. "How?" Kate asked.
"Well, at the rare chance that a dragon does take care of its egg, they
breath on it. It catches fire and that is what keeps it warm. It will hatch
in about three days after that. Go ask Spyro. He can help you get a fire
started. Make sure you put it in something that will make sure you don't burn
up this entire realm. The only forest around here is the Flame Forest, so
don't go in to deep. Be careful. When you hatch it, I'm going to let you
raise it. You can even bring it to your human world safely because they can't
see dragons there." Teaamont said. Kate ran off to find Spyro. He was
bothering Albus with his constant chatter. Albus looked as though he was
about to bite Spyro with the frown and annoyed look on his face. "Stop
torturing Albus and help me hatch a magical dragon." Kate said. "Your going
to hatch Oswin's egg?" Albus said, his annoyed face turning into an
interested one. "Sure. And when I do, I'm going to raise it." Spyro, who had
greatly improved on his flying, soared easily to the entrance of the Flame
Forest even with the extra weight of Kate. After collecting the needed wood,
the two flew off to an abandoned cave. "This is the cave where I live. Its
warm, and it might get hot if you sit too near the fire. It ended up that
Spryo's cave was not lined with other tunnels leading who knows where. It was
deep, but perfect because you couldn't get lost. He wasn't kidding when he
said that it was warm. When they set up the fire, they had to stay back from
it because of the heat. There they waited for three days, while the egg got
warmer in the fire. One night a sudden flash of light awakened Kate and
Spyro. It was the egg.

The Hatchling
The colors that had been swirling around the shell, now swirled faster and
brighter. Spyro pulled it away from fire. There was suddenly a cracking sound
and the egg emitted a blinding green and red light. Kate felt a sudden urge
to hold the egg and see what would come out of the growing cracks. The waited
for what might have been hours or minutes. They didn't care because they were
so intrigued by what they saw next. When the egg was completely broken, the
cutest and most beautiful dragon Kate had ever seen came out Without
question, she knew that it was a girl. Colors continued to swirl about its
tiny body. A pair of crystal eyes looked up curiously at Kate. It was red and
the wings were perfectly sized for it. The long slender tail sagged weakly.
It took one more look at Kate and tumbled into her lap, falling asleep
instantly. She took it back to Teaamont's cave and showed it to her. "Its a
very rare dragon. What are you going to name her?" Teaamont asked. "Uh...
Shian" Kate replied looking at the tiny dragon that had woken up and now was
perched on her arm. "Well then. The humans are probably getting curious as to
where you are." said Teaamont. As Kate said good-by until tomorrow, and
started back home. Shian gave a curious squeak when they passed into the
human world. Everything was going perfect. Kate knew that Norck would be
after her and Shian. But somehow they would survive.

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