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Welcome to The June Issue of my ezine!

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Hello and welcome to the June Issue of eWriters. I hope that you will enjoy this issue as it is our first.

Please submit writing! I want everything and if you wish to find out my guidelines or what I am looking for, make sure to check out the guidelines page! My email address is below and I would love to add more beautiful writing to my web page and share all of your talent with the world.

So, I have decided that I am leaving my site as it is for the summer. It will be back up in September when school is back in, but no one is entering anything, especially lately so I thought I would give it a break for the summer unless someone disagrees and emails me telling me they don't want me too, but otherwise you can keep submitting things for the September issue and I will put them up and hopefully the September issue will be bigger than any issue!

I hope to see you in September!

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