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Please read the quotes below! Also, send me a quote if you want to have up here!

"When I was a little boy they called me a liar but now that I am a grown up they call me a writer. "
Isaac Bashevis Singer

"Despite everything, I still believe that people are truly good at heart"
-Anne Frank

"Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem"
-Lauryn Hill

"Love means not ever having to say you're sorry"
-Love Story by Erich Segal

"Drawing on my fine command of language, I said nothing."

"Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said."

"Humor is the shortest distance between two people."
-Jessica Redmond

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate of
somebody else."
-Judy Garland

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to
success when they gave up."
-Thomas Edison

"Don't wait around for other people to be happy for you, Any happiness you get you've got to make yourself."
-Alice Walker

"One falsehood spoils a thousand truths."
-African Proverb

"you can always tell a real friend: when you've made a fool of yourself he
doesn't feel you've done a permanent job."
-Laurence J. Peter

"The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is all comprehensible."
-Albert Einstein

"Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either."
-Golda Meir

"Life was not meant to be easy. Accept life is hard and don't always expect
for the best. Then life will become easier."
-Unknown as of yet

" No man is worth your tears, and the one who is wouldn't make you cry "
-Sent in by Mandy

" Dance as if no ones looking "
-Sent in by Mandy

" You Laugh At Me Because I am Different But I Laugh At You Because You Are All The Same " Anonymous

"Learn to see in another's calamity the ills which you should
--Publius Syrus

"Genius is eternal patience."

"I demolish my bridges behind me... then there is no choice but
--Firdtjorf Nansen

"The distance doesn't matter, only the first step is
--Madame Marquise du Deffand

"More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin."

"It's weak and despicable to go on wanting things and not
trying to get them."
--Joanna Field

"Striving for perfection is the greatest stopper there is...
It's your excuse to yourself for not doing anything.
Instead, strive for excellence, doing your best."
--Sir Laurence Olivier

"You know what they call the guy who finishes last in medical
school? They call him Doctor!"
--Abe Lemons

"A good garden may have some weeds."
--Thomas Fuller

"A man's worth is no greater than his ambitions."
--Marcus Aurelius

"Doubt whom you will, but never yourself."
--Christian Bovee

"In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you
--Paul McCartney

"When we begin to take our failures non-seriously, it means
we are ceasing to be afraid of them. It is immense
importance to learn to laugh at ourselves."
--Katherine Mansfield

"There is no defense against adverse fortune which is so
effectual as an habitual sense of humor."
--Thomas W. Higginson

"Total absence of humor renders life impossible."