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"Almost Famous"
A Review by Jennifer Renee (Editor)

I assumed this movie was about a singer or actress trying to be famous, I
did not think it was going to be any good, with one of those same old plots,
so I had a grudge against this movie from the start. This movie is about a
15-year-old boy in the early 1970's. He is very intelligent, and is already
a senior, and he is definitely not the most popular guy in the world. His
mom expects him to be a lawyer, and with that background who wouldn't?

He does not want to do that though, he wants to be a rock and roll
journalist. He leaves his home and goes on the tour with the up and rising
band of the time, "Stillwater", to write a story for Rolling Stone. With the
beautiful "Penny Lane" (Kate Hudson) to the journalist that the band refers
to as "The Enemy", no wonder this movie was nominated for an award.

This movie had to fight my grudges against it from the start but it won me
over with it's very realistic people from the time. I would give this movie
to anyone, great for teens and adults.


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