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These are the poems that were sent in for this issue of eWriters, the older poems can be read in the POETRY ARCHIVES section.

The poems are different colors as you go from poet to poet, at the end of all the poems written by ONE poet there will be the poets name and/or the poets email address and/or the poets web site so you can read other poems written by the poet!

One Last Time

Kiss me one last time;
Leave your mark on my soul.
Im losing you even if
You dont know it yet.
Please do me this favor
And kiss me one last time.
I dont want to let you go,
But I know I cant fight it.
I wont hold you back,
Go out and find what you love.
Someday you will feel
What I feel for you.
Someday love will shock you.
Kiss me one last time.
Dont leave without it.
Remember me always
And maybe someday
Well think of each other
At the same instance
And our hearts will get a glimpse of
Each other from a distance.
Thank you for showing me
Honesty and caring.
I love you.
Kiss me one last time,
And I will try not to cry.

~Written by Jenni McDonalds poetry web site is


Destiny is what it is,
Remembering the past,
Each day growing stronger,
And it grows fast,
My dreams are important, your dreams are important, so hold onto them.


You said one thing and did another
Why didn't you practice what you preached?
I needed to have something to depend on
I thought that would be you
but I am all alone
depending on myself
but I am helpless
Most of the people I loved I was forced to leave
The rest of those I loved
had left me a long time ago
when they painfully died of one thing or another
Many dying of broken hearts
But I stand here today
Trying to block it all out
Forget the past
But everytime I close my eyes
I feel my heart sink
And try to think of all I have to look forward to
But is there really anything for me?
Sometimes I wish that I was anyone else
Maybe one of those people who are always happy
but do not really have souls
Or maybe a girl who has overcome it all
and now has people she can depend on
But I would really just love to be beyond this
and be in the world
Paper and pen in hand
And REALLY living

~Jennifer Renee~


Life is a small and yet large, vast period of time-
Some people look at the big picture, and others will stop to pick up a dime.
Some people spend their lives earning to share-
And some other people spend time learning to care.

People will come into our lives, and then they will go-
Only a few fortunate friends will we always know.
There are people who we will wonder had as their friend-
And we never find the truth until the very end.

Life will always have its mysterious twists and turns-
A lesson that everyone at some point in time learns.
We may say that life is not fair, and that our path is a constant swerve-
But in the end we will always get what we deserve.

Some people spend their entire life toiling for money-
Others still are in search of that special someone to call their honey.
Love is by far the most important part of life-
And many people try to find it without the strife.

Some say that a dog is a man's best friend-
They say that to stay happy, even if all they do is pretend.
We are only on this beautiful Earth for a little while-
And we all know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.

People try to look at life at times through their closed eyes-
They try to stay sheltered, and try to stay away from the lies.
But some people see everything, and hold out their hand-
Even when life gets them down they smile and stand.

Life cannot be completed without someone to love-
Even if it means looking both below our sights and above.
So don't fall down, and don't bend under hatred's knife-
But take my hand and walk with me into this love called life.